4th Melton Mowbray

 Scout Group



The Darwin Beaver Scouts have gone quackers!

Every Beaver Scout and Leader have been given a small rubber duck to adopt for a year.

Everyone is encouraged to take their duck with them everywhere they go, care fore them and take lots of photographs to share.

Whose duck will journey the furthest?  Whose will have the most exciting adventure?  Whose will have the most coolest name?

Watch this space for updates from Squirrel!

A group of the 4th went on a sailing adventure with "Adventures Offshore" at the weekend down in Ipswich.

Kayaking with the Mayor


 The mayor said she would Love to have a try Kayaking on the river but as she was in a wheelchair the chances of that was nil!

But as we said YES not a problem, will get you in a boat and go right round the river!

She said: “It was absolutely brilliant. I was excited but extremely nervous because I had visions of us ending up in the water! We paddled all the way around Egerton Park, down the river at the side of Wilton Court and Gretton Court, all the way around there and back again.

Some of the activites that we do
Pancake Night

It's Pancake night Again and the Darwin Cubs are cooking their pancakes on tin cans powerd by candles!


Robin Hood Guinea Pig Camp Feb 2011

Dawin Cubs get an invite to be gunea pigs at the Robin Hood Activity campsite near Mansfield. See the photo gallery for more photos.

103 The Eye makes a vist!

A local radio station "103 The EYE" makes a visit to the Sixers of the 4th Melton Darwin Cubs

They spent 3hrs showing the cubs how a radio progam was put together at the Scout Hut. The progam is suheduled to go out on 27th December 2010 at noon for two hour